Depth camera not working anymore?

I did a couple of test scans with Android and Windows which were good and I was pleased with the result.
But now that I want to create another scan, the depth camera isn’t working anymore???
This already after a couple of scans! This shouldn’t happen!
Just received my scanner yesterday.

How can I fix this?

You’ve likely run into the bug in Revo Scan where you need to switch back and forth between auto and manual in the depth camera preview a few times before starting your scan. Seems that the value of 1 is the only one that works at all right now.

I don’t think that’s the problem, because it’s also the same on my other laptop and on my Android Phone.
I really think the depth camera is broken.

Can you post a screenshot of the preview of the depth camera when you attempt to scan something , ( the red background preview window) remember too much ambient light will interact with the infrared light

My Depth camera died right now … no more working … no more red light coming from the sensor , no on PC not on my Phone , not at all . RGB is still working
the last thing I saw before it was gone
Screenshot 2022-03-31 192015

now no more

@Revopoint3D-Cassie what is going on ?

Here you go.

It’s the same in every kind of light

My Depth camera restored itself some how , I put it in a very color place for 15 min and after used power bank and wifi on my PC without connecting with USB and it return back , I don’t know what happened I did not even had the red light on the sensor , it was working so well for 7 days on normal USB , but today I got Windows updates and everything goes dark .

When you look at the sensor you see red light or it is completely dark ? if you see red light then it may he software related or drive

check your device manager if you have 2 cameras there at all and check the sensor for red light
Screenshot 2022-03-31 223300

Thanks for the reply, but I don’t think it’s driver related, because it worked flawlessly before.
And I tested it on a couple of laptops and pc’s.
I have also the same result on my Android Phone and this one was also working fine before.

I did a couple of scans with my phone and my laptop and pc and everything was working and suddenly not anymore. The RGB camera is working. Maybe the laser broke somehow, because I still see a red screen and it has nothing to do with the depth camera, but with the laser.

On Android, I can see a white line on some surfaces in the depth camera preview.

And what about the “Laser” you see red glow in the middle of POP 2, because today it got dark for me too , someone told me to freeze it for 5 min so I did then wait after like 15 min before powering and it with power bank only and use wifi and it restored itself … no idea what really happened as I did not even used it since yesterday . Maybe some electromagnetic field affected it , no idea but the cold worked.

The only thing what changed today was Windows 10 update , after that my POP2 via USBC started to get in and out , the the red light " laser " got dark and it was over …

If you see the red laser inside the POP2 still glowing then maybe something else on the hand , and if it got dark then you have problem probably as I did today . Check it out

ah and try clicking on Manual and Auto settings back and forth under Depth Camera preview, sometimes it get stuck for some reason and the slider do not work, what is probably a bug .

I will try it out this weekend.
And no, I don’t see a red glow in the middle of the POP 2

But this shouldn’t be happening, because the device is brand new…

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Well I see the same issue as I had today … if not glowing red means the laser stop projection infrared light that why you see nothing in the preview, I have my POP2 for what a week ? that is not acceptable . I hope it keeps working now.
You should write to the support and mention the laser stopped glowing red and you can mention me as well with the same issue. Maybe they have some better idea what really happened to it , and if it is temporary or not. I am little worry .

I already sent my mail yesterday with a little movie of what’s happening and my order information and information about the scanner.

I really hope to hear from them soon, it’s definitely under warranty…

@Revopoint3D-Cassie: can you confirm they received my mail? Thank you!

No reactions by Revopoint?
I paid like anyone else and the scanner died on me after just a couple of scans, this is unacceptable!

Where is the customer service?
I want a solution for this, there was no reaction via mail and not via this forum from Revopoint.

@Revopoint3D-Cassie @Revopoint3D-Gena @Revopoint3d @Revopoint3d-Agnes Can you please help me with this?


@NialaDude they had short holidays for couple of days but they are back now , I hope you get reply soon , I see Cassie is active again in the forum supporting everyone .

Hi @NialaDude ,

Sorry so much, I had told our customer service team to reply to you asap.

Best Regards
Revopoint team

Hi there, I also encounter problems with the depth camera sice yesterday ,there is a part blacked out in the left downcorner. The right down corner is to seen in the depth window but not in the main window.
There is also a triangle not to see.
I tried different modes but always the same.
I tried it on mac and windows, both the same.
Is this sensor failure or could it be somehow software related?
What can I do?

Move the POP2 to the left , this is not a failure , the corner is where the Infrared projector do not project the Infrared light , the Depth Camera can only see stuff that is lit up by the Infrared light , change the angle and position of POP2 , feature mode has the smallest projection window area , the body mode has the largest , it was always like that as I have it too , make sure your model is in the exact middle of the Depth camera preview .

If you want to capture your plate in full , change the mode and move away to make the projection window bigger but then you will lose on the details of your scanned object , how far it goes , how less sharper details are captured .
For your ring the feature plate is too big , print yourself a smaller one if you don’t want to use marker mode , but for that object marker mode is the best solution .

Ah, I see. Looks like it didn´t came to my attention before with the blacked out triangle.
But the size of triangle didn´t change when I change to different modes (Feature, marker etc).
No, I don´t want to capture they plate in full due to the main small object.
That´s wht I tried to get as close as possible beofre it gets to much red or loose track.
This plate works fine with the rings works fine. since I use it I don´t loose tracking.
Featuremode I tried several times but quit often it looses the track.
I saw you mentioned the more reflective markers which I couldn´t get here in Germany till now for reasonable price.
I also followed your tutorial to work with Cloudcompare.
Some results were good, some still need better alignment.
Maybe better comment my problems with cloud compare on your specific post that others who encounter same problems will see…
Btw, thanks for your tutorials and help here to get the people to get their pop2 run properly!
Much appreciated!

It will change when you move POP2 away from your object , by changing mode I mean changing the distance , since each mode works with different distance from the object , so feature mode 15cm and body 40cm , put a white paper in front of the POP2 and move close and then far away you will see the triangle will change
look on the image below , that is the reason you see a triangle , I can see it exactly on your scan screen shot

Remember the depth camera sensors can see only Infrared light , like night vision , where is not IR it will be dark .

All depends of the marker points you placed and of course scanned well objects , if your point cloud looks not too smooth , better to clean it out before merging .

And you more than welcome !

I am having a similar issue? it worked fine for half of a scan, then afterwards i only see a small outline on the depth, I have updated, restarted, uninstalled devices reinstalled device, and its the same outcome.

I also tried on my laptop, It is windows 11, using usb c and usb 3. Same result.