Current Firmware Version

From a few posts I’ve seen on the Facebook forum, I see that there are several versions of firmware of the POP already released. Some users are having terrible times getting their POP working reliably, or indeed to get a scan with reasonable quality.

Newest I’ve seen is:

Firmware: v2.1.7.20210708
Algorithm: v6.6.6.0705

I haven’t checked to see what version mine is yet, but it performs very poorly. I’m lucky if I get 5mm accuracy, sometimes way worse. Haven’t tested a lot since I’m still waiting for a Windows version with certificates.

If you are having good results, can you please list what version firmware/algorithm your POP has installed?

Meanwhile we wait for Revopoint to release a installable firmware update…


Just pulled the version info from my POP:

Firmware: v1.7.2.20210309
Algorithm: v6.6.3.0207

So at least 4 months earlier. My POP arrived in early June.

I have asked about the timing for a firmware upgrade. Their primary concern is that they avoid bricking thousands of units.

Personally, I think a downloadable utility that handles the upgrade locally would be preferable to an online approach, if that’s what they’re considering.


Right, a firmware update mechanism would have to be very robust so as not to brick the device.

Generally on a product with firmware, the mechanism to safely update the firmware is 100% established before the first unit goes out the door.

I worked for a company that manufactured embedded devices. The priority list for the firmware team goes something like this:

1] Reliably bootable device
2] Safe firmware update system established
3] Add all other required functionality
4] Ensure high quality of all functionality
5] Ship it.

mine is

Firmware v1.8.1.20210520
Algorithm V6.6.3.0207

mine is

Firmware v1.6.6.20200208
Algorithm V6.6.3.0207

So what is the most stable version that was shipped prior to the version that is currently available for the upgrade?

Just upgraded my firmware. Now at:

Firmware: v2.1.7.20210708
Algorithm: v6.6.6.0705

HS: v3.0.6.1013

Is the new version better?

I’d have to say it is working better than before. A lot fewer tracking errors. I can get a full scan about 1/3 of the time now instead of 1/20.

That said, I’m still not getting the detail one expects from 0.3mm resolution. Details that are several mm in size are just not present. Still enormous room for improvements.

I’m also using Handy Studio for the meshing as Handy Scan does way too much smoothing. I was doing that with the older firmware too, when I could actually get a full scan.

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Good news here.

Beta3 Mac Version is also working with the latest firmware on the POP on my Macbook Pro 16inch M1Max with USB-C connected.

With the help op Cassie I could update the POP on a Windows machine through Wifi as described in the firmware manual. Firmware on POP is now v2.1.7.20210708.

Again, Cassie thank you !

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