Current Firmware Version

From a few posts I’ve seen on the Facebook forum, I see that there are several versions of firmware of the POP already released. Some users are having terrible times getting their POP working reliably, or indeed to get a scan with reasonable quality.

Newest I’ve seen is:

Firmware: v2.1.7.20210708
Algorithm: v6.6.6.0705

I haven’t checked to see what version mine is yet, but it performs very poorly. I’m lucky if I get 5mm accuracy, sometimes way worse. Haven’t tested a lot since I’m still waiting for a Windows version with certificates.

If you are having good results, can you please list what version firmware/algorithm your POP has installed?

Meanwhile we wait for Revopoint to release a installable firmware update…


Just pulled the version info from my POP:

Firmware: v1.7.2.20210309
Algorithm: v6.6.3.0207

So at least 4 months earlier. My POP arrived in early June.

I have asked about the timing for a firmware upgrade. Their primary concern is that they avoid bricking thousands of units.

Personally, I think a downloadable utility that handles the upgrade locally would be preferable to an online approach, if that’s what they’re considering.


Right, a firmware update mechanism would have to be very robust so as not to brick the device.

Generally on a product with firmware, the mechanism to safely update the firmware is 100% established before the first unit goes out the door.

I worked for a company that manufactured embedded devices. The priority list for the firmware team goes something like this:

1] Reliably bootable device
2] Safe firmware update system established
3] Add all other required functionality
4] Ensure high quality of all functionality
5] Ship it.

mine is

Firmware v1.8.1.20210520
Algorithm V6.6.3.0207