Couple of questions

I am thinking of ordering the Revo and have a couple of questions. I would be using it for reverse engineering for motorcycle parts.

  1. Are units shipping when ordered now or is there still a backlog?
  2. Is the accuracy good enough to not have to tweak everything to fit existing parts (ie is the .3mm over the part or could every hole/seam/etc be .3mm off and really not useful)?
  3. When scanning something with holes are you using a bolt through to make sure of placement (heard that holes can come out weird since it “swallows” the light)?


Hi Keith,

Thank you for your interest in POP.
1.We usually ship within 2 business days. Currently, Revopoint 3D will ship your parcel from our local warehouse in your country if you fall under these countries:
The mainland of USA, EU, Canada, UK.
If not, all other parcels will ship from our international warehouse located in China.
For further information, pleas visit: Shipping Policy – Revopoint 3D

2/3.The accuracy of POP is 0.3mm.
For reverse engineering scanning,please check the video below, you can start watching from 5:03:

Here are more videos about reverse engineering scanning:

Hope this help.

Best regards,
Customer Service Team

The scanning technology used by the POP is “Binocular Structured Light”. While it is very accurate, it is also limited in the types of features it can accurately scan. One of those limitations is holes. As can be seen in the attached image, the pattern that is emitted from the projector is detected on both the left and right sensors. If the light goes too far into a hole, the walls will prevent the sensors from seeing whatever the light hits.

For the video link that Cassie recommended, the positions of the holes in the motorcycle’s piece could be accurately indicated by carefully scanning the object from multiple angles, but you would have to use a CAD program to finish the proper description of it (as well as generate the code for the CNC machine).

Thank you guys! I actually ordered the scanner and it has shipped already! Can’t wait to get it and start working. My plan is to start with scanning a piece that I make, importing it into fusion and comparing the scan with the known dimensions of the part. This will also help me with learning the “tricks” and getting complete scans. Will be sure to post up some results!