Couldn't save as *.stl

Hey Guys,
in the discription they write, that it´s possible to save as a Step File Format. In my software I can only save *.obj and *.ply.
I installed the newest Version of Handy Scan (HandyScan_Setup2.4.1_20210330.exe)

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Sorry found the solution. Forgot to make the mash before.

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Hi ,

Glad that you solved the questions finally! If you have any further questions, welcome to post it in our forum, and we will try our best to find the solution.

Using the android App only produces a PLY file after MESH,. How do I produce an STL file?

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Hi, current app is Beta version, in the final released version, you can choose file format when you keep it.


Any idea when that version will be released? thx!

I think it can be released within this month. If I can, I will post the update Beta version for users who want to use it asap.

that would be great and I would love to test it and give feedback

Download MeshLab for Android 0.9. It is on Google Play Store. Hope this helps you.

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