Connection problem with the dual axes turnable

revoscan does not detect the dual axis turntable, while windows does … has anyone had the same problem?

Exactly the same problem with Desktop PC and Laptop.

I don’t have PC Bluetooth on , it connects direct to MINI Bluetooth after you updated your MINI firmware, it will not need your PC Bluetooth anymore so shut it down and connect when MINI is connected to Revo Scan .

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I tried your solution but it won’t work. So, maybe, the problem is the revopoint mini 's bluetooth, not the turntable bluetooth. Is there any way to check it?

Also I have already tried but the problem remains … is there a way to try to reinstall the firmware?

For Bluetooth connection issues, please close the Bluetooth on your computer. And then restart the scanner and the turntable again, delete the “dual-axis turntable” on the Revo Scan screen, search again, and connect. If it doesn’t connect, please provide us a video showing the problem. We will help to solve it. Thanks!
@sem81 @Scannachiappolo @wuidling

Desktop PC without Bluetooth !

I played along with pressing the turntable button a few short times and suddenly the turntable was shown
in the RevoScan connection menu and i could make a scan…but after shutting down the software and reopen it the turntable is shown but the connection failed again…

I have a Mac and downloaded the software, did not get an update on the firmware and the turntable will not show up in revoscan. There is also no button on the software to add a turntable like in the tutorial

The software is now just for Windows. We will release the Mac version soon.

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I have tried a little bit of everything, even on different PCs both laptop and desktop, but the result always remains the same, the dual axes turnable is not detected. Just like in the wuidling videos.

Hello, i think my school english is not the best for a online meeting.
Do you have any suggestions for resolving the problem ?

Regards from Munich.

I tried it with another PC, exactly the same problem.
Common of all PCs is that they are all Intel Core i5-i7.

I think the problem is that most of people use just one USB cable to connect MINI, the turntable use the MINI Bluetooth so on top of all the power and data you getting also Bluetooth connection via one cable all at once .

I did not had any issues updating the firmware or connect the turntable via MINI Bluetooth ( not using PC Bluetooth) but I use the mobile split cable always since one USB cable did never performed well on my PC .

So try the split cable just from curiosity and shut down the Bluetooth on your PC or laptop .
And try to connect again .
You can connect both cables to you computers as well , for those that don’t have USB C port you can use adapter if you have one as it works as well , or extension cable with Male USB A to female USB C .

I think it is worth trying .

I had already done this test with negative results

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I checked this too:
Higher Power Supply to the turntable and to the REVO Mini.
Same problem.

It is a little bit frustrating…

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Sorry to hear that :pensive:
Frustrating indeed
hopefully @Revopoint3d-Selina have a better solution for you guys soon .

And @wuidling you can use chat on the meeting to talk if you feel more comfortable typing than speaking , I think it would be easier for them too.

Hi, I have same issue, is frustrating and I’m getting angry! Is not possible I spent more money for something useless!