Connecting handheld stabilizer

That’s what I did.
Paid for the premium kit and waited 3 weeks for it to be posted.
Button no work.

I feel the same way, I’m wasting my time trying to make money. I gave this money to revopoint for a product that is advertised with functions now I have the product but the functions are not complete. do you notice the problem?

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You could say that the first time without the insinuations .
And if you purchased it in the Store then yes you have a full right to be upset about
If that don’t works .

I think tomorrow there will be maybe more exact news about the updates , I know the button is already working since I tested it , but the unexpected NVIDIA driver crash delayed the release that was planned for last week .
So we have to find here the middle ground .


I completely understand you being upset. I hope moving forward they can mention any issues like this. Still have to keep in mind unforseen issues do pop up. Are you starting a new business or adding to an existing business? I used a wireless macro pad I had laying around for starting and stopping the scanning. I know this is an additional cost if you don’t have one and that you should not have to buy something else to make it work. I hope they get it taken care of so you can be more profitable. I wish I could do more to help you.

So what’s the problem in releasing the IOS update?

I am testing only Windows and Android version so what is happening with the IOS version I don’t know.

The IOS version should be released this week from what I heard.

Not sure if you figured it out yet or if has been mentioned in the thread, but the Stabilizer works like this.

The stabilizer supplies power to the Scanner with the supplied connector.
The scanner itself is then supposed to be used via WiFi to connect to the scanner via the cell phone app.

It took me a little bit of time for me to realize that it had to be use via wifi with the app when I got mine but it does work. Only issue I have right now is storage on my phone.

A Little Tip: Besides just using the phone clip that comes with scanner to attach to the mounting arm that came with Stabilizer, I also screwed on the mini tripod stand that comes with the scanner under the attachment arm to make it two handed. It is not needed but I found it easier for me to use the stabilizer that way. Plus it also helps when sitting the scanner down for a bit so I do not have to lay it on its side.

Just had a reply from customer services saying IOS update will be released this week.
Only 3 days of this week left.
Anybody taking bets?

Dear Mac users,

Sorry for keeping you wait for such a long time.

Download link:

Feature Updates

  1. Fixed an erroneous sound prompt occurring in a non-scanning state.
  2. Fixed visual errors appearing on the Fusing, Meshing, or Texture Mapping progress bar.
  3. Optimized how point clouds are displayed.
  4. Optimized Dual-axis Turntable Connection.
  5. Improved Revo Scan’s stability.
  6. Optimized the firmware update process.
  7. Stabilizer Start/Pause button is active (beta)

Best Regards
The Revopoint Team

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@PopUpTheVolume: is there an indication when the Windows version of Revo Scan follow e.g. during next days?

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Yes I believe so , I will have more information this evening (EST) I know the Stabilizer stop/pause button working already in my last windows testing version .

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@PopUpTheVolume: do you have new information about the Windows updated version to be published? Have been new bugs found that need to be fixed before they can releae the new version? It is really a long awaited version… :wink:

Hi @flotux , I did not talked yet to the staff , it is Monday 5:30 am here , I will tonight .
I know they where fixing some bug regarding the DATT connection last Friday, hopefully they finished it without issues . But I expect it to be released this week .