Connecting handheld stabilizer

Hi, my handheld stabilizer has been arrived today :slight_smile: and I have a question about the functionality…

As far as I’ve seen you can use the stabilizer as an independent device and connect and use all other devices (POP2) as usual - works fine.

But I don’t understand how to connect if you want to integrate it in your “device chain” i.e. for using the built in start/pause-scanning button or controlling with revoscan - setup topic is already there. Connecting the integrated “double-micro-usb-cable” to POP2 and then usb-c to computer had no effect. (Does the usb-c port have any other functionality then recharging the battery?).
Thank you for any advice.

The stabilizer was delivered without any documents and at the Revo-homepage or youtube I can’t find any manual or tutorial so sorry for my stupid question…

Thank you


Speaking of the stabilizer, have all of them been sent out? My Kickstarter order included one but I have not yet received any shipping notification.

Hi Markus ,

You will need to wait for that answer by @Revopoint3d-Selina

Since you are the first I heard off getting it in the hands .
I did not saw any videos or manuals yet , so it is new to you as to everybody else that may got it .

Contact Customer Service via email and ask them for your tracking number , you will not get that answer in the forum .

Hello Markus,

same here, the stabilizer arrived today without any sort of quickstart guide or user manual. Hopefully there will be something coming up soon and we just need a little patience.


Hi Marcus & @achwahl,

Please bear with us more time. We are updating the Revo Scan to work with the Stabilizer (the UI, testing, etc.). We will release a new version soon together with the tutorial.

@c3D Hi,
The stabilizers are sent out in batches. So some people may receive it later. We are expecting to finish all the shipment tomorrow. So you shall receive your tracking info no later than that. If you haven’t receive any tracking info tomorrow. Please email to ask for the updates. Thanks for your understanding.


Thanks for the update.

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ok, thank you for information and also for your fast reaction and good service at all :slight_smile:


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got my stabilizer already this week without any comment or quick guide. I could not hold back to play around a bit, movement works, joystick works, mode works - in combination with pop2 or Mini UI I have not tested.

You can check out these two links for instructions and tutorial video.


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Hi @brianscan , The Stabilizer don’t works yet with Revo Scan so you don’t have to connect it to your PC via Bluetooth , connect your device via Wifi only for now .
Once the new software is rolled out you will be able to use the start/stop button on your Stabilizer with Revo Scan

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Do they a target date when the software will be released? I’m just starting use the stabilizer with the mini.

I heard next week the new update should be available.

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I heard 3-4 weeks ago that the new update is coming this weekend :rofl:

Seriously, Selina resigns, the IT department doesn’t manage to program proper software. How is the company revopoint doing? Is it still worth investing money in their moving products? I’m not so sure anymore.

I would suggest you keep out Selina from your insinuations as it is really nothing of your business or affecting your personal business.

And regarding the software .

There is no rush in releasing it just so you can use a button where the rest is not working as it should at 100%.

So hopefully no new bugs this upcoming week … as all addressed bugs from last week was fixed beside issue with the last NVIDIA driver that cause crashing . But this one is on NVIDIA .

The new software also include new features and major internal changes and improvements .

So it is worthy waiting for… it is not that they working on a button for 3 weeks …

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That is completely uncalled for. Please show some manners when using this forum. I’m upset I can’t start/stop scans from the stabilizer, but Revopoint has made so much progress from the beginning till now. Please be patient and remember they have families and a life outside of work. Thank you

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TBH they should not be selling a product to the general public that is not fully functional as advertised.
Would you be miffed if you collected a new car only to find out the lights don’t work? Don’t worry madam, that should be sorted in a few weeks with a software update.

Sorry madam, we were aware of that problem before you parted with your money but forgot to tell you.

on one point you are right , there should be not product sold in the Online Store that is not 100% ready, different thing when it get about Kickstarter as that is not a store , however many users wanted to buy the products from the store in place of KS and that was a mistake to release it too early.
Store customers should have wait for everything to be completed before allowed to purchase it, I guess Revopoint learned it the hard way.

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