Cleaning 3d Scans

Can someone direct material where I can clean non-manifold vertices and other errors. I need to know the foundation of what makes a good scan and how to properly clean up scans in the post-processing software.
Any reading materials rather than just revopoint support videos. The how to use the studio software program is simple, but I really need to know what does a proper scan look like, what are the proper steps to take when bring in a scanned file. I am finding once I think the file is ok (visually) and then I export the mesh and open it in meshlab or rhino there are tonnes of non-manifold edges and other errors that show. I am using the scanner to be able to eventually 3d print. Is there any information out there I could reference?

I was going to suggest MeshLab to identify and fix non-manifold edges, etc., but you already have that.

PUTV likes CloudCompare. If I understand correctly, he has also said that Revo Studio will convert a Meshed object back into a Point Cloud that has a very regular distribution, allowing for a cleaner re-Mesh.

@JeffLindstrom Sorry for the late reply I caught covid. Feel better and ready to test again.

I am going through the manual of mesh lab and downloaded cloudcompare as well.
I also followed pumpupthevolume but the learning curve is pretty high and Revo point does not have an adequate tutorial/manual for both hardware and software. I’ll be posting more questions soon!
Thanks for the response!

Welcome back. We’ve had covid at least twice in our household, so I’ve got a good idea of what you went through.

Have you downloaded the files here?: