Charging power bank?

Hey there,

So there’s not much explanation on charging the power bank.

  • I assume I use the USB/USB-C cable (see attached) to charge and insert the cable into the “input” port to charge?
  • The Power Bank arrived with a level 2 charge. I plugged it in and let it charge overnight. This morning I wake up to find that it is still only on level 2.

What I am doing wrong? Shouldn’t it charge to full overnight?


Use a standard (not that 2-into-1) cord with a USB-C on the end to charge. When it’s charging, one of the 4 little lights will flash to show the charge status.


Works like a champ! Thanks for your reply.


Sadly, the premium kit does not come with a cable to charge the power bank.

Fortunately, my daughter just got a new cell phone which does have the needed cable. Will borrow it from her for the moment…

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How does one power on the power bank? I have tried pressing the button momentarily, holding it, pressing it 2x 3x 5x and nothing seems to be working.

Momentary press is all that is needed. The power level LEDs will light up to show charge level. Maybe you need to charge it up?

Turns itself off after 10 seconds or so when nothing connected.

I heard from experts that it is better not to leave devices to charge overnight

If it’s a smart charger it doesn’t matter. I don’t know if it’s a smart charger and it’s best to never take a chance regardless if its “smart”.

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And that is correct, leaving charging overnight too often will shorten the battery’s life over time.
No matters you use smart charger or not .
Smart charger only prevent the battery from overcharging.

With batteries you are limited to how many times you can charge it and after 360 times it usually starting to lose it’s capacity and starts discharging much faster after.
The best way to preserve a powerbank battery is to never drain them below 20% or charge them to 100% each time , so leaving it overnight will actually kill them much faster .
It also depends of the quality of the battery , I have some batteries that keeps charge for months without dropping 1% when not in use , others discharge on its own .