Can't update Revopoint Mini firmware for first time

I just downloaded Revo Scan 4.1.0 and connected the Revopoint mini with the usb c and usb 3.0 type A cable. It shows A scanner is connected(USB Mode) in the lower left hand corner. The light on the back of the scanner is changed from blue to green and the scanner is emmitting blue light. When I open Revo scan it says in order to use a turn table, which I have (the turntable hasn’t been setup yet), I get an error saying “Unable to get latest firmware version information!Please check your internet access settings and try again.” I have a stable internet and allowed revo scan through both public and private network connections in firewall settings. I have a stable internet connection and have confirmed I have internet access. I submitted a bug report from within revo scan. A screenshot of what I see is attached.

It connected and started installing the firmware. But then gave me a dialog box with red warning signs and said abnormal internet connection detected and stopped. Now I can’t get it to detect my revopoint mini.


As you have specifically added Revo Scan to the firewall exceptions, I’d suggest waiting for @Revopoint3d-Selina to take notice of this thread (which this tag does) and get involved.

Hi Jeff and @pittengermd
Thanks for tagging me. I will forward this to our team and see how to help.

I have the exact same error and exact same problem description.

I also have the same issue

I have the same issue can not update message I get is:
“The Firmware is abnormal.
Please restart the scanner.
If you have any questions, please contact us at

It get stuck at 50% and then that message comes up.

I got mine to work. Nothing changed I just tried over and over again. Sometimes it got stuck on 1%, other times on 3%. Eventually it went all the way. Either stuff was happening in the background and the errors are misleading or something wasn’t able to ping a server/times out and eventually it didn’t is what it seemed like to me. But it is working now

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A timeout seems likely, to me. I wonder if the problem is due to a security measure purposely worked into the transfer to maintain IP and the server load wasn’t taken into account.

If so, the time of day that the update is attempted may have an effect. My mechanical CAD software updates from Europe and we Beta Testers have taken to posting the time of day and transfer time to nail down the best times to download.

It seems to me, having seen all these seemingly random update failures, and I think @JeffLindstrom is on the right track, that appear to be network/server load related, that adding a feature to do LOCAL firmware updates, would significantly increase firmware update reliability. The firmware could be posted on any number of mirrors, downloaded manually, and then updated without any network exposures.

You shouldn’t need to install WARP just to do a device firmware update.


The problem is that there is another program installing the firmware that could violate the security , it is not just a firmware that is downloaded, the question is, is the executive program that install the upgrade running direct from the server, from all the issues it seems it is .

Revo scan actually do not perform the upgrade , it is another program in the background.
I have actually the program as we were performing test firmware upgrades on my early testing devices before so it is very likely they running it now directly from the server .

Not everyone needs WARP to install the upgrades so it depends on their Internet Provider rules and in many cases China’s servers are simply blocked from performing this kind of tasks.

This did not worked well in practice in early version of POP, resulting in damages of the devices since not all users followed the steps exactly as they should , for that reason this option was removed.

Thanks for the explanation, but the frequency of failures indicate a weakness in the process so, ISTM, that another security method that doesn’t have this weakness is called for. The update program could be local and still use key exchange or other method to verify the operation.

EDIT: I’ll add that I’d prefer that method to one that permits arbitrary execution of a remote program.


I do agree with you Tom .

Never good idea , I hope they consider to change the method and do the way as all other programs do , downloading firmware manually , load it and perform upgrades locally.
But for that they would need to integrate the other program into Revo Scan , and for that there was not enough time before the release .

Same issue here on my new MINI setup. Checked the firewall and all other access permissions with no obstacles or multiple app/.exe instances, but have had no success on a very high-end portable business workstation.


Well, this is odd, but interesting.

After failing to update the firmware using a top-end Dell Precision M7730 (cira 2019) with Windows 10 Enterprise on it, I dug out my new beastie, the latest 2022 Razer 17 [12th Gen Intel i7-12800H/64GB DDR5-5300/2*PCIe-4 2080SSD’s/Nvidia 3080-TI/etc., etc…] with Windows 11 Pro (ugh) on it…

This time, the Revo Scan .exe loaded, wanted to do the firmware update, and proceeded to do so approx. 2 seconds after I clicked on the OK button. The download meter wheel would freeze or a few seconds (less than 5 sec.) as it downloaded the package and a little more while it updated the firmware (in the 31% range followed by the 52% range - each less than 10 second pauses, but processed the final 35-40% in less than 10 seconds before giving the success message and the MINI power cycle taking place.

In summary, maybe it is a time of day (or late night) thing - or the version of Windows; not sure. I’m just happy it is working now so I can start testing things tomorrow.

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Hi, can you download our newest software and try it again? Make sure you have turned off the firewall and any virus-detecting software. And then start it all over again.

I’m having the same issue.

First time using the mini, using Revo Scan 4.1.0 and the firmware fails at 50%. I am plug directly into my mac which is an 8 core i7 with 64gb of ram. I’ve tried with the antivirus turned off and the firewall turned off

At the moment I expect their server has some problems. Had a look at the log and found this:

I also cannot update my firmware. When I open the software, it says I need to update in order to use my turn table. When I click the button to update, it immediately closes the dialog without doing anything. When I go to settings → Firmware Update, it tells me that I’m already on the latest firmware. I just want to be able to use my turn table.