Can't get past 13 scans when calibrating/

When I try to calibrate the pop 2 I can get the first batch of large dot scans when the target is flat, but never when it is place on an angle. The area becomes green but never locks and records.
I’ve tried using direct light on the target but the results are the same.
Any suggestions?

I had the same issue it took me 4 hours of trying until I got it. The only suggestion I can offer is not to pay too much attention to the instructions. If you had the same issues I did sometimes it tell you to get closer but the dotted line won’t change. I just got further then slowly got closer gain and vice versa for when it happens the other way.

Did you keep getting the ‘horizonal’ when you put the target up with the white piece? No matter what I do after the flat scans, I get the green box that flickers, does not lock and flashes ‘horizontal’ no matter how level it looks.

That is best way , I do the same . Sometimes slightly tilt forward or backwards helps.
And if the horizontal line is fine and still not the other, then moving up and down slightly.

The idea behind the calibration is for the device to find the markers and sometimes the markers do not appear on the angles so shutting some extra light while it is on the side helps increase of the gain .

I use my POP2 LED light , but phone torch will works just fine too if not better.

For the same reason you never have issues calibrating it while it is flat on the table , as the markers are most reflective at that angle .