Can't connect to Revoscan at all

I’ve tried connecting my Kickstarter Mini to my Macbook Pro and my iPhone 12 Pro. I’ve tried wifi on both devices and wired on my laptop. I have the most recent Scan app but non of them detect the Mini at all. Mini’s indicator light is solid Green.

Please try to use Wi-Fi mode with your phone.
Here are the steps:
power on the MINI scanner with the power socket, please don’t power it on with your laptop since it will read USB mode by default;

after the green indicator light stays solid, search the MINI SSID on your phone’s Wi-Fi list, connect this Wi-Fi with the password Revopoint3d;

open Revo Scan on your phone, click “Settings”, select “Wi-Fi Mode” ;

click the “Home” button, click “New Scan”, toggle on “MINI’s SN”, click “Confirm” and connect the scanner;

at this moment, the blue light should turn on.

after the blue light is on, plug the scanner back into your laptop via USB mode, it should work this time.