Calibration - Mini - what do I do next?

Got a new Mini with the Calibration card.

As I understand it, I did not have the correct card to calibrate my Beta Mini and its results were… not good enough to use in showcases (according to Cassie).

So… is this calibration result good? Great? Better try again?

So… do I hit Update or do something else?

Hit the update , the result is very good .

After you update the firmware of the Beta Mini you can use the same card as the new Mini .

My beta MINI uses now the same card as the new one after doing so.
Remember to calibrate again after firmware update .

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That’s good to know.

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My Beta MiNI was like 7.800 after firmware update but I got it down to the same result as yours and now works great again.

But we still use the different card for the POP 2, right? I don’t want to screw things up by using the wrong card.

Yes POP2 have bigger card than MINI and nothing changed in that direction .
Once you connect the POP2 it will show the same pattern but the card need to be bigger or it will not work .