Calibration for Mac? Scans drifting

Hey there,

So I’m using the turntable and let my scan go for a few turns. I’m getting drifting with the scan. I was looking into calibration but realized there is no calibration software yet for a Mac to use.

  1. Is there another way to calibrate on a Mac?
  2. Tips for drifting scans that create bad scans?


also waiting for the calibration for the Mac the scans look awful!

@Alano , you cant let the scan to go for few turns , only one if possible for one 360 degree rotation , if you over doing the rotation you will overlap the points and lose the tracking . Each position once st 360, what is exactly around 300 frames to capture per rotation .
It will save your work on fussing time and you will get cleaner results .

Now if you have still drifting scans at 360 degree capture this means the features of the objects are too smooth , an apple is more difficult to capture than a complex geometry . Use the marker mode for smoother object to keep tracking it proper .

Calibration is for refining the scanned surface and make it little less noisy , and it will not fix much the issue you have , keep practicing on a proper objects first to develop your own workflow and get more familiar .
I scanned lots of stuff already but not always I successfully finished a scan as each object is different and need different approach , different angle , different Depth camera settings etc… it is not one push button process it never was , not with POP or any other 3D scans . Take your time .

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stunned that there is still no calibration software for mac. Also noticed that the calibration software for PC is no longer available on the website.