Buying a dedicated device for mobile scanning

I’m looking to purchase a dedicated device to put in my revopoint kit for mobile scanning so I don’t have to use my day-to-day phone.

Currently for my day-to-day phone I’m running a blackview bv9900 pro

I’ve owned this phone for almost 2 years now and have been very happy with it so I’m looking at maybe buying another blackview phone as a dedicated mobile scanning phone.

This is the model I was looking at which is the blackview BV 8800

Or is there types of tablets that would be good for this application?

What is everyone else using for their mobile platform and how is it working for them?

Is there any devices I should stay clear of?

I’m really looking forward to some feedback on this topic.

This crazy phone has 16 gigs of RAM

So do all these

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I got myself this one for POP2 , works great via Hotspot, WiWi USB C , it powering also my POP2 while connected via wifi .

no complains
High Accuracy point cloud frame Max 1300, with color 800 frames per fusion

and here possible connection ways with this phone to POP2

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