Body scan and other

I think it’s useful to have some initial tutorials on how to do good scans for example body scans or other situations. Does anyone know if I can find it?

Hello @stebo

Here you can find them :

Just a little reminder : next time please use the search button on the forum, it takes me literally 5 seconds to find the link :stuck_out_tongue:

Have a Nice day and don’t hesitate to post your body scan :slight_smile:

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It’s good to remember the I.R projector of the POP is a pattern that is the basis of point in the cloud determination. Also the pattern size changes based of the scan type you select.

If you want to be able to visualize this and have a digital camera (modern digital cameras imaging sensors are I.R. sensitive) in a dark room and with a standard white 8.5 by 11 sheet of paper, point your digital camera ay the paper, then with your POP powered up aim your POP at the same blank white paper. You should be able to see a pulsing rectangle that changes in size and intensity as you move your POP closer the further away from the blank page.

If you rotate the POP you will see the projected rectangle rotates as well. Think of the rectangle as a box containing a high density of x,y coordinates that change value as you scan and whose ever changing values are used to calculate the z coordinate.

You get 7 snapshots every second of rectangular x,y and calculated z coordinates and they need to overlap to maintain continuity in the point cloud construction.

I would attach a video of the IR pattern but video files are not allowed on this forum.

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Hello, no video allowed but you can upload the video on YouTube in not public mode, only for persons with the link :sunglasses:

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