Best way to scan a boat propeller with MINI


I am currently having a hard time to scan a dual fin boat propeller with the mini.

The first problem is, that the scanner seems to assume both of the fins are the same one
and when doing the alignment of a top and a bottom scan it looks like it can’t differ between the surfaces there and keeps the lower fin sides open when joining.

Due to the geometry teh scanner has to be in a “good” distance, otherwise it can’t catch the tips of the fins :frowning:

So what would be the best approach here ?

Maybe I should try to scan one fin and just model the simple geometry part?


Hi @Beep
That why you need to use marker mode or add additional elements so the scanner don’t get confused when it sees symmetrical object , scanning with this type of device is strictly visual aspect, that is how the scanner see … so any symmetrical features may confuse it if there is no additional feature .

You can also stick some painter tape fragments to the area that are troubles while scanning so the scanner recognizes the feature better , you can edit it out later .

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