Beginner problems: Marker dots in view and surface finish


I received my mini in the last week and so for I’m getting mixed results due to my lack of experience. One area I’m struggling with is the use of marker mode. Due to the small field of view when moving close enough to get the “excellent”, I find it very hard to fit 5 of the markers into the view. Is there something I’m doing wrong on the distance?

I wondered if it’s possible to use smaller marker dots with the mini? Is this something the requires firmware changes or is that down to the revoscan software to do the tracking?

Also I’m having trouble with the surface finish in Revo scan with the mesh. It looks very very dimpled and smoothing just reduces detail. Is the meshing best left to the Revopoint Studio? Do you need to remove a lot of unaligned data to get good surface finish?

I’ll try and post examples to show what I’m seeing.

Thanks in advance for any advice

Could you please provide some pictures or videos showing the problem?

Yes you can use smaller markers as well , for best results to find one that are reflective , not the cheap paper one.

I used to 1mm as I tested all sizes .

To avoid grain on the surface make sure the object is not reflective , as it can disturb the pattern . MINI can pickup surface to even below 7 microns so even 3D spray can interupt the surface .

While meshing set the denoiser at 3-5

If you use Android app there is a bug that created not even surface on this moment due to point cloud being not fused correctly . It created orange skin effect .

Post image if your object so I can give you some tip .