Are there Hotkeys in the software


pausing or even finishing the scanning process seems a bit difficult when I have to grab the mouse and click on the icons. It would be easier if there where hotkeys of function keys associated with the actions, like pausing, stopping and starting a scan. Are there any?

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For the moment there is none, but it will be implemented very soon.
I agree with you, for now it’s not really easy in a computer to maintain the scanner +the PC + push with mouse the play :arrow_forward: button :relaxed:


Looking forward to UI improvements :grinning:


Hi, @Eldkatten

Thank you for this suggestion. I will report it to product team.

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I would love this! My laptop has a 3840 x 2160 resolution with touchscreen and the buttons are unclickable.

They scale really well in the android app!

Anyway, bigger buttons and shortcut keys, please!

I’ll have to jump on this bandwagon, too. The laptop I ordered has QHD resolution on a 14" screen (maybe I should have ordered FHD after all). It has a touch screen, so maybe that will help.