Applying markers

Is there some guidelines as to how to apply the markets, on a model, to get the most accurate scan? ,I.e. do you stagger them, place them at a fixed distance, along edges etc.

Thank you

Hi @Bman

Sorry, it seems we don’t have such a guideline. We will arrange it as soon as possible.

Besides, here are two tutorial videos about marker mode for your reference: [Tutorials] How to scan objects with Markers?

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I’m no expert. But, based on the those tutorials, it looks like what you want to avoid is a regular pattern of markers. The markers are there to orient the device. So, if they’re too regular, the scanning software might get confused on which marker is which.

And, as the first tutorial shows, they don’t even need to be on the object you’re scanning. They just need to be in the field of view. That’s demonstrated by the markers painted on the turntable surface.

So, place them semi-randomly. You probably want at least three or four in view at any one time. That gives the software enough info to triangulate where it is in space relative to the markers.

I saw in the docs somewhere that you want to maintain at least 5 markers in view at any one time.

The redundancy probably helps the accuracy.