Anyone else crashing constantly, for no reason?

crash after a few frames of scan, crashed while meshing crashed while fusing. windows 11 40gb ram, 8core 16 thread, and 3080 asus zephyrus g15 crashed on my other pc as well, windows 10 8core 16 thread with a 3080 64 gb ram

Just get white screen for a few seconds when starting Revo Scan on Windows 10 then white screen disappears

Try running Windows Performance Monitor and see what’s happening while you are trying to scan. If you run out of memory, that will show up. You can also use it to research how much memory is being used by each app instance.

I did that, I also tried on my big rig with 128gb ram. It’s not the ram, also it’s only scanning sometimes 160 frames. Barely putting a dent on the ram. In terms of the rest of the performance it’s not doing much. Just the software crashing I think.

In that case, try uninstalling and re-installing in Administrator mode. If that doesn’t help, then try running in Administrator mode.

Ok I will give that a try next. Thanks.

I am concern that you said you already tried on many machines and the result was the same " constantly crashing "

I did not had any crashes for the last 12 months on various machines so I am suspecting you running something that cause the crash of the software on your multiple machines . Or maybe lack of installed component, hard to tell .

I will tag @Revopoint3D-Gena in this , maybe you get more info about .

As the behavior is not normal especially with your graphic cards and amount of RAM .

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That should be solved once the new version is released. It’s still under testing. Hopefully, we can publish it within this week.

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Ok, I will wait a bit, hopefully that solves the issue, because the older versions of the software didn’t crash, but it “seems” like the newer versions track better? Thanks.

The new version may add the components to preventing crashes on some systems .

No matter the name of your system , each computer has own ecosystem after all .

Hopefully it fix issues some users experiencing .


Add me in, posted yesterday on FB. There’re several reports for this issue. Mine work fine 2 weeks ago. Now it crashes from 20-200 frames.
i9-13900K, RTX 4090, 32GB DDR5, WIN 11 22H2
On the other hand, my low spec laptop with latest WIN 11 update run fine, no crashing at all.
EDIT: On my case, the issue is caused by NVIDIA Geforce Driver version 526.47, I resolve the issue by replace the driver with Studio Driver (522.30). No crashing after long scanning (Above 700 frames).
The issue is repeatable, when I reinstall 526.47 driver, the crash will come back.


Happy to hear that my suggestion worked , I suspected the graphic driver for a while but nobody wanted to listen .

Thanks @payo36 for testing it out with success.

I will try again, I reinstalled studio clean install and I had no luck. My main rig always had studio drivers. I haven’t backed them down tho. I will try and install a older version. Thanks for the update, glad someone got somewhere

Man. I cant thank you enough for this tip. I was going insane trying to troubleshoot this issue, revosupport was utterly useless in helping. Months passed by and nothing. Every time I started scanning, the program would crash between 30 and 300 frames. I tried your suggestion and so far no crashes. I will continue testing to see if this is solved, but it looks good. Thanks again for the suggestions to change the drivers.

@DashingRogue it was actually me talking for a month about the new graphic driver doing the crash and nobody else .

payo36 just tried my suggestion

You welcome …

I’m glad it works for you. There’s still no answer or solution from Revopoint. They just let users diagnose and solve the problems on their own.

It is addressed already by the dev team, it is after all Nvidia driver doing it , so nobody else fault but Nvidia’s

I changed to the studio driver for Nvidia. That seemed to have cured the crashing issue for me at least.