【Announcements】Mother's Day Giveaway Event #WordsToMothers

Even though Mother’s Day has passed, the love shared is everlasting.

Thank you to all participants, and congratulations to [@krofinski !

Please select your accessory and direct message us to claim your prize within 10 working days.

:cherry_blossom: Mother’s Day Giveaway! Whether it’s your mother, the mother of your children, or a friend who’s a fantastic mom, join us in showing appreciation with heartfelt words or scans. Plus, get a chance to win an accessory from Revopoint!:gift:

:star2:How to Participate:

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  2. Comment below the post: Share some words or sentimental scans to a “mother” who means a lot to you. It could be a screenshot of a text message you’ve sent, a photo of a card, a special sentence, or even a 3D scan of flowers, jewelry, or anything you’d know they’d find special in the comments.

  3. Include the Hashtag: Use the hashtag #WordsToMothers to make sure we see your entry.

:calendar:Contest End Date:

May 15th, 10 AM EDT. The winner will be announced in the comment section on the 15th.


One participant will be chosen to win a Revopoint messenger bag or any accessory available for sale on our official website (except the Large Turntable).:shopping:

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Good luck everyone and Happy Mother’s Day weekend ! :tada: :hibiscus: :purple_heart:

Unfortunately I lost my mother at the age of 10 , but she’s forever in my heart .

"To the world she was a mother, but to me she was the world "



my beloved mother, captured for the eternity of the internet. One of my very first scans i ever made with the miraco. I still needed some practice there, haven’t met her since as we live some hunderets of kilometers apart in seperate contrys. But by having her scanned shes always with me (digital). A special coincidence is, I had been born on the second sunday in may, so i’m a motherdays present myself.
Love you mum


This is wonderful! The scan of your mother is incredibly precious and special. We are delighted that our product can help you stay connected with your family in a new way. :heart:

Beautiful scan @bau-3d.ch

@PUTV thank you but i disagree :smiley: it could be much better. but it was my first attempt on scanning a person having the miraco for 3 days so i’m ok with the the result. I really like how well the wrinkles show up and you can see the indentations of her glasses at the nose. But there are some regions on the cheeks i missed and also below the chinn (apears like this is a hard to capture region) but im happy to have this scan and saved her for the rest of my life. next time i will meet her i hope to get better results

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It is priceless!

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If there is a single reason that justifies the purchase of a 3d scanner, here you have it: To capture the soul and dignity of your loved ones in a way a photo can never reach. Not better…it is just a different dimension.

This is what I call “The Pantheon of Illustrious Mothers”. There is a scanner of my late mother, my wife’s aunt (her mother passed away when she was just 3 years old) and the mothers of three of my best friends, waiting to be delivered.

We will give this to my italian friends in a couple of months, as a gift to celebrate her 90th birthday!

And looking at it from from the other side, we will give the same day to another friend one of the bests presents a mother can get: A capture of her 3-year old lovely daughther, sleeping like an angel:

I was able to get this from my mother around 9 years ago, before it was too late. @PUTV , I fully understand you. This scanner -with all its imperfections- justifies every cent I have spent by miles.

Happy Mother’s Day!


Priceless work Roberto !
Thank you for sharing !

Congratulations Roberto , make sure you claim your winning entry in time !

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Yes, I already sent Jane a pm

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