[Android] Revo Scan v5.0.5 Google Play

Android Revo Scan V5.0.5

Download directly from Google Play store

For Android 7 and up


1.Optimized Performance

2.Fixed issues with USB C data connection
( App closing after starting scan when connected via USB C)

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Not found on play store the app!


still nothing? it is there when I look for it🤔

I received this message (from computer and phone)

strange. you could also download it from here

thanks (it’s possible some limits from italy?)

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yes, probably. that is the case from time to time.

Hi, there is a new version 5.0.5 on PlayStore. Most likely that was the reason

Revoscan for Android has been missing in action for a couple of days for new downloads (in Finland). Devices that had it installed just upgraded. Sideloaded app wouldn’t install for me.

Also, stabilizer play-pause button still doesn’t work in Android? At least I can’t see anything related to it in RS Android and the stabilizer bluetooth will not pair with the phone/tablet.

Ivan it is there because you have installed it on your phone , for people that don’t , it will not show up yet , 3 days max to show up

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Each time new version is uploaded to the Google Play it takes couple of days for approval.

Folk that have installed the app will get their updates quicker .

You can manually download and install 5.0.5 from here

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