[Android] Revo Scan - V3.0.8 Released!

Dear users,

The new version of Revo Scan for Android V3.0.8 is updated. Now you can download the version from the official website, Google Store, or the link below.


  1. Added a “New User Guide” prompt when the application is run for the first time after being installed or updated
  2. Added support for the MINI’s RGB camera
  3. “Guide” and “Support” are now available in multiple languages.

Bug Fixed:

  1. Fixed the bug in version 3.0.7 where a meshing parameter error happens

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Is revo scan available on the google store yet? I searched but cant find it.

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It is not yet , Google need to validate the new version so maybe 2-3 days

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I can’t even find the older versions…

The older version is gone too , not even 3.0.6 , I wish I made a copy , I will test the new version today as I already installed it .

Hi guys, Google Store is now available to download the new version! @PopUpTheVolume @KnightRid


Thank you @Revopoint3d-Vivian !

Thanx @Revopoint3d-Vivian downloading now :slight_smile:

Hi, what’s the Android app PointCloud spacing?
Can you make it selectable to 0.1mm (or 0.02 for the MINI), like in the revoscan software on pc?

I don’t mind regarding meshing quality on the phone, as i do that on pc, but i’d really like to get (from mobile scan) the same PointCloud quality i get on pc.

Can you add that option?

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To have a full potential with scanning with MINI you need to use it on computer with at least 16GB to 64GB in some cases . Some detailed scans or objects bigger than 13 inches use over 32GB to process . Sadly that is not what phones can handle yet .

In short
To have lower point cloud settings than 0.1mm , your phone would need at least 16GB of RAM to process .

It would be possible if we can just scan the frames and use the fuse option on our computers , but for that we need the cache data of the project to be stored on the phones , sadly it was changed after people complaining that scanning taking too much internal space .
I would prefer to have the cache data back on my phone , so I can scan only , and fuse it later on my PC , it would save time and make mobile scanning much faster with full quality that the device can offer and make it really portable .


You don’t necessarily use a phone if you use Android.
Anyways having back the cached data on the phone would be great (that’s why I wasn’t able to locate it on the app folder).
They just could include an option on the settings page. Default using ram and an option to use the sd/internal memory cache.
Shouldn’t be hard to implement…

So, i have more time to explain myself…

You aren’t necessarily using a phone if you are using Android.

The project is making a full portable scanner with the same quality as tether on a pc.
Using an Android sbc (you could use Linux, but the Android app has a nice gui for mobile/little screens/touchscreen), a touchscreen, a battery and a case holding everything in a neat package.
You can easily find devices with 8gb of RAM (if you are willing to invest more you can get 16gb or even 32gb), but as you say, it would be much easier to do it having back the cache data (using the device only for the raw scan and offloading all the work to a more capable machine).
This also would allow to use basically inexpensive Soc…

@Revopoint3d-Vivian Can you please add the settings option to choose if you want to use RAM or cached data during a scan, so we can have the option to fuse the point cloud at the maximum device capability on the PC.
Also (not strictly needed, but it would be great to have), an on-screen option after the scan, on the fuse page, saying “fuse externally” where it gets all the cached data, it puts them in an archive and it exports them (same as export scan, basically). With an option in revoscan / revostudio to import the cached archive and fuse them (and go on like a regular scan).

Can you implement that?

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Of course not , I use also tablet in most cases .
But as I said before , adding back the option to capture the project data and keep it in the cache folder for later fusing on computers at desired quality would be a game changer here .

It would be not hard to add this option as it was there once before .

Very good idea ! the last updates of the software today reduced dramatically the usage of RAM while fusing, meshing and texturing , I did not checked yet the android version but on Windows10 it is a winner.

Regarding your question /suggestion to @Revopoint3d-Vivian , you will still need to use RAM for process , however the cache will be intact and not removed after fusing . I requested the same thing months ago with an option to keep cache or not as some people don’t like to store the data on their mobile device for that reason it was removed by request of the customers that used low ends phone with not enough of internal space , but I guess we need to remind about it again as it is important .


P.S I would suggest you post your request under the last software update again since the Android version changed to 3.0.9

Thank you, I didn’t notice it. :grin:

Edit - can’t see it as released. Maybe it’s in beta or something similar, and I don’t have access to that topic. :wink:

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Android version is still not on Google Play it will take couple days, but I installed and tested it already , the speed did not changed , but I see some fuse point changes and better texturing

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