[Android]Revo Scan - V3.0.7 Released!

Dear users,

This is the newest version of Revo Scan for Android:


    1. Added support for Revopoint MINI 3D scanner.
    1. Added support different languages (French/ Italian/ Korean/ German/ Spanish/ Chinese Traditional).
    1. Optimized the tracking algorithm.
    1. Optimized the initial parameters of the scanner.
    1. Added “Red/ Blue” tips in the depth camera preview. Red indicates overexposure and Blue indicates underexposure.
    1. Improved the stability of the device connection.

We also uploaded it to the Google Play Store, which still needs several days for Google to approve it.

Best Regards


The new meshing quality is horrible , it looks like a blue blob , what is the meshing value 3 ? Totally not usable even for internet showcase .
Please include settings under Android app for the quality of fusing and meshing .

You saying the support was added for MINI still Body/Face Mode and others are still included under settings , what will confuse others .

I seriously see less improvement with 3.0.7 , 3.0.6 build was better working for me .

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Thanks for your feedback, we will check it and then give you feedback.

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Hi, friend. We will fix this problem. Before that you can try to share the point could file from your phone to the PC and then mesh it by Revo scan. The quality is the same. Or you can use the pass version like 3.0.6.

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I always do that , but some models I like to share direct from my phone .

For me really not big problem but new users may not be happy with the quality .
In my opinion it should be never changed as it was good enough the way it was.

I still have my Handy Scan 2021 app on my phone anyway just in emergency :wink:

Thanks Jeremy

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Did you remove the Revo Scan app from the Google Play Store? Because I get an error when I try to access the product page.

There’s no old or new version at this moment , probably replacing it .

You can install from the link above in first post but I would not recommend this version if you care about meshing.

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Ah okay, good to know. I just wanted to check why my installed version didn’t update automatically and then was confused about the error when I tried to access the product page.

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Hi, yes because of the google store’vetted problem. But the new version is ready for coming on google store. And also I will update it on the “Starting Point” of the forum banner.