[Android] Revo Scan - V3.0.5

Dear users,

A new Android version of Revo Scan is available now!

Download link:


  • Optimized model preview angle during scanning.
  • Support added for viewing the project model after point cloud fusion.
  • Improved device connectivity in Wi-Fi mode.
  • Improved stability of the data processing algorithm.
  • Optimized the UI.
  • Corrected the distance prompt error in some scan modes.
  • Fixed gain setting issue with the RGB camera.

Best Regards
The Revopoint Team


And very important it is now available in the Google Play Store!!!
Revo Scan for Android

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The Google Play store updated the app I had installed manually 2 days ago , but the versions was the same .
Finally the preview mode while scanning looks proper again .
And I find the point cloud fussing on Android superior, very clean .

@Revopoint3D-Cassie : When I was using the Revo Scan Android App (okay it was the previous one 3.0.4) I got during the scanning an error message, that the memory has exeeded. So I guess it is the internal RAM which was insufficent. As I use a Galaxy S20+ smartphone with 8GB of RAM, I asked myself how much RAM you need to run the App properly?

Hi @ruditb ,

If your phone has 8GB RAM, we think you can scan about 1600 frames under average conditions.

Compared with the previous version 3.0.4, we just added the reminder before the app crashes because of out of memory on this new version. (This means, if you use the previous version, you may have the risk to lost the scanned model without any reminder).

When it reminds you about the memory, we suggest that you can complete the scan and fuse the point cloud. Then you can continue to scan it.

Best Regards

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The APK Download Link isnt working for me. I get a 404 Not Found Error.

@cybergurke it is on Google Play already , not need download link

@ruditb the app don’t need all the RAM to run , it need to RAM to keep virtually the catche , once you fuse the points the cache is reset and you can continue scanning , once before the cache was written to the internal memory but that made the users not happy so now it take the RAM instead and that is of course not good . I am hoping for an option in the settings where you can use RAM or save the cache to your internal memory so you can fuse the points later on your computer . This will solve all the issues for everyone . You will need minimum 16GB of RAM on your phone to scan full body at once at high accuracy without color . Color scans take double the memory , as addition 4000 pictures need to be stored

@Revopoint3D-Cassie @PopUpTheVolume Thank you for your explanations. Today I tested the V3.0.5 and it worked like a charme. No out of memory message any more. No clue, why the 3.0.4 had more problems with that.


scanning without color will give you double the frame count , try to close any other apps that running in the background , how more RAM available how more frames you have to disposition . Rebooting the phone before usage helps a lot too .

Hi @ruditb ,

Thank you for your feedback. We improved the stability of this new version.

And we will keep improving it.

Best Regards

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Hi, I try this new app and it is marked as incompatible for my phone. I have Sasung galaxy and Android 11. Would it be a compatible version soon?

@Cilou download the app from this forum , link is on top and install it manually on your phone , if Google Play don’t works . What exactly phone you have ? Samsung Galaxy is not a specific name , what model ?

Thanks, my phone is a Samsung Galaxy A03 Core

The link on top does not work.
This one, isn’t it ?

Thank for your help

Sorry @Cilou but your phone RAM is too low , it is only 2GB , you need minimal 4GB to even start . You will be not able to even scan proper anything, and absolutely nothing in color . That is the reason you was not able to install it .