[Android] Revo Scan - Released

Dear users,
The new version of Revo Scan for Android is updated. Now you can download it from the link below. The official version has been uploaded to App Store and Google Play for review and estimated to be released on 25th September.



  1. Optimized the RAM limitation to avoid software crash.

Team Revopoint


The new Android app allows you to capture 2000 frames in color or not color on phones with 6GB RAM.

Great improvement.
The point cloud looks good now and the fusion is clean .

The meshing is better and no more chicken skin but meshing option creates weird edges around the model even if I don’t choice to close the holes , it close the holes regardless of the settings . :beetle:


Is cache on SD back as many of us requested?
If not, when are you going to bring it back?

If some people don’t want the “feature” just give us the option in the settings menu.


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The main plan was to make it as option , but I see nothing yet , I need to check the data folders to see what for data landed there if any .

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What do you mean by “cache on SD”?
Does it mean using an SD card to install storage applications or scan data on Android phones?

We want to have the whole project to be saved on the phone HD or SD card so we can use it on the PC after .
For example fuse the point cloud on PC later and not on android phone .
Right now the project cache is empty , and you lose the scan if you don’t fuse it after scanning on the phone , sometimes with a wrong touch you lose everything, it happened not once to me and others .

So having the project complete as it is on computer is the way to go .


Got it.
I will forward this to our team.

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Exactly as PUTV said.

In the older android versions during a scan the “cache” data of the scan were saved on the phone memory, while in the current version it isn’t and all is done in RAM.
Having the cached data on memory (all file project including the raw scan data) was useful because we were able to move them on the pc and fuse the point cloud faster and with more quality without having to wait on the field for the point clous fusing.

We’d like to have this back, or at least a menu setting to enable it for the whom who wants this.