Android Can't Share to Dropbox

I have Handy Scan installed along with Dropbox on an Android phone. One of the sharing options I use to get files onto my computer is Add to Dropbox. The Handy Scan app cannot use this sharing option because the Dropbox app does not have permission to access the file that Handy Scan is trying to share. I have checked the permissions for both apps.

Is this a file access issue that can be corrected?

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I have noticed the same problem. I’ve tried repeatedly, with different file names (a hunch that did not pay off) and on different days. It fails every time.

Hi @ZoltanTheZ @JeffLindstrom

Thank you for your feedback. We will test and solve this issue as soon as possible.

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you can’t share anything, for any option.
a link, onedrive, google drive, doesnt matter what.

here is a video

that shows that I cannot save / share anything, except for What’s up. Which is useless to me, since I want it getting back on my PC for processing. so I just want a Google or onedrive.

Hi @pka4916

Thank you for your feedback.

I had reported this issue to our product team. We will try to solve it as soon as possible.

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Could you double confirm if the video is uploaded successfully? I can’t download it.

I was unable to view the MP4 online, but downloading was no problem.

Yes, thank you for reminding me. I thought it couldn’t be downloaded when I see it says there’s a problem. I had downloaded it and will pass it to our team.

yes, you can’t preview them. only download.

Glad you got it to download.

Hi @pka4916

Yes, I had sent it to our product team. We will solve it as soon as possible. :heart:

Hi @ZoltanTheZ @pka4916 @JeffLindstrom

May I know which software version do you use when meeting this issue?

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Android V2.5.9 did not work with Dropbox or Google Drive.

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Hi Jeff,

Noted with thanks.

Version 2.5.9 the latest in the Google App Store.

The only one that worked was Whatsapp. All the other ones are not working.
Getting the unable to attach error, and for the google and onedrive, nothing happens.

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@pka4916 @JeffLindstrom @ZoltanTheZ

Now we released the newest version, can you test it on the updated software?

You can download it from Google Play Store now.

Just tried it, and still the same problem.

Google closes right away.
One drive unable to upload
Gmail, unable to attach
Link sharing not working at all, once you select to share and select anything, it will fail.

It seems to work for Facebook messenger.

For all others it fails to upload.

Share to Dropbox still fails with “We don’t have permission to read ‘’.”

Hi @pka4916 @ZoltanTheZ

Sorry, I had reported this issue and all your updated info to our developers. We will try to find a solution as soon as possible.

Best Regards

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Hi @ZoltanTheZ @JeffLindstrom @pka4916

We updated the Android version to solve this problem, please check this post: [Updated on Sep 24, 2021] The Updated Android Version of Handy Scan _2.7.3

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