[Android Beta] RevoScan3.0.0_20220307a_Beta1

Dear All,

The new Android beta version of Revo Scan is available now! You can download it here:


  • Using the new UI of 3.0 version;
  • When turning Screen Portrait Orientation Lock off, the screen can be auto-rotated according to your phone.
  • Replace the new Wi-Fi connection library, optimize the camera to find the connection, and be more stable.
  • Fully adaptable to support POP 2 (including Fast Mode & High Accuracy Mode & Marker Mode);
  • Compatible with POP (the original support remains unchanged)
  • Optimize and improve the model data processing quality of the mobile APP, increase the number of scanned point cloud processing, and retain more details;

Known issues:

  • When using POP 2, the scanning frame rate of color texture is slow. This will be optimized in the future version; (the frame rate of the No color is normal .)
  • Only supports Chinese and English (the next version will update with other language support)

Best Regards
The Revopoint Team


The app is not working in WiFi mode with the POP 2 as a Host. My phone says that it is connected, but Revo Scan doesn’t find the POP 2.

I verified the POP 2’s WiFi password (the default “12345678”) using my laptop (and re-loaded it just to be sure) and verified that Revo Scan v4 on my laptop connects to the POP 2 in WiFi mode.

I then verified that my phone was using “12345678” as the password when I connected to the POP 2’s WiFi port, but the Android Revo Scan just lists the three possibly bad reasons (it could, and should, help a bit more in figuring out the problem).

Having downloaded and installed the Android Beta Revoscan Software, I can say that my first impressions using the Pop1 have been positive and my first couple of test scans have been better than the same scans done on HandyScan . I am using the scanner on a mobile phone and the tracking and texture capture are definitely an improvement.


Will not install on my Moto G6.

Does this work with the 32,bit android 9 OS?

Following Cassie’s advice, I uninstalled, rebooted and then re-installed the Revo Scan v3.0.0 Beta and it is now working on my phone.


Further use of the Revoscan Android Beta on my mobile continues to give a noticeable improvement and one aspect is the longer time I can scan without exceeding the memory available on the device.


Hi @Bman ,

Sorry, at present, Revo Scan does not consider the long-term compatibility with Android 32bit systems. At the same time, considering the 3D scanning itself has certain requirements on computing performance, we recommend that users use higher-performance phones and newer OS systems to avoid poor results.

Best Regards

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