Android app pixel 4 memory full before any scanning

Trying to get my pop 2 setup to scan with my phone (Pixel 4) Camera connects fine preview images look good, but as soon as I press the button to start a scan it says memory full, it never even captures 1 frame. What am I doing wrong?

Hi @Davesvo
You should have no less than 2000 frames with your phone and Pixel4 , it have 6GB RAM right?
Check how much RAM is available before start scanning . You should have no less than 3.8GB RAM available.

I will move this thread to customer support for technical support
@Revopoint3D-Gena will check with you this evening regarding this issue as it is beyond my support knowledge .


Thank you for the reply. I did get it to work by cleaning up some ram on the phone. I will do some testing and see if it keeps working. Thank you.

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Ok thanks for letting me know .
My phone have also 6GB and I have always around 4GB available after fresh reboot what give you enough frames to scan anything , if you run out and f memory while scanning , you can fuse it and continue scanning the same object again . Fusing the frame cells will release the memory again .

I have a Pixel XL with 4GB ram and I seem to be limited to 801 frames per scan… That is fine for me for now…

That is correct @Tbastian
Each additional 2GB on top of 4GB will give you around 1000 extra frames .
So 6GB 2000, 8GB 3000 etc …

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