Android app. extra windows?

So I have the 2 extra windows on the left side of the app… what does it do?
The Auto option does not work for both… and the Manual you can move the sliders, but the top
windows doesnt change at all

and the bottom only changes with Gain.

But so far I don’t see a difference for that with scanning. the right right, only turns green or red once you are recording it., not before.
and the right window is all faded out, like a haze over the whole window.

The lower window is to help adjust brightness and gain for 3D scanning. The Automatic option is not available in every scan mode (Face, Body, Dark, etc.).

When it is available, it is best to turn it on and let Handy Scan find a solution it thinks is best, then switch to Manual so that it is not constantly hunting for a new setting while you are scanning.

The upper window is when you are capturing textures/colors. If so, then be sure to export in OBJ mode of you won’t get them in Handy Studio or your CAD software.