Android App does not recognize POP (Samsung Tab S7)

POP 3D scanner is connected to POP Mobile Hotspot, Handyscan (V1.5.0_20210430) does not recognize the POP 3D scanner when trying to start a scan. Does work flawlessly on a Samsung Note 8. Please advice.

Hi, @wachovius, sorry, seems I missed this post. May I know if your problem solved now? The new version of Windows is released. Can you try it?

Hi @Revopoint3D-Cassie,

thanks for your reply to my original request. My problem (as stated in the post’s header) is related to the Android app. Problem still is present.

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Oh, sorry, my fault. I misunderstand what you said. :sweat_smile:
I’m still a little confused, since you said “does work flawlessly on a Samsung note 8”. It works or not work? Could you show us an image or video to see the specific problem? Thank you.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (Android 9 with recent security patches): Works fine
Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 (Android 11 with recent security patches): Does not work at all.

Both times POP 3D scanner is connected to the mobile hotspot (POP, 12345678) on the Android device, HandyScan on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 does not recognize the connected POP 3D scanner.

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Hi Markus,

Please take notice that the POP can only connect one device. If you use Galaxy Note 9 to connect to POP firstly, please remember to turn off the hotspot of the phone if you want to connect to another device.

… did so. While testing the Samsung Tab S7 the mobile hotspot on the Samsung Note 8 was disabled. In fact the POP 3D scanner was conncted to the Samsung Tab S7 (MAC adresse was shown in the mobile hotspot’s section of “connected devices”).

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Hi @wachovius

Sorry, seems that I forgot to reply your post. We had updated the software for several times, may I know if your problem is solve or not?

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