Alignment issues- How to troubleshoot

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How do other users handle the alignment issues? I have tried multiple scans of people and am constantly finding that the scanner captures “doubles”. Lost track and the conjoined twin look. In my previous post, I noted how difficult it was to scan an entire body in one go, in my experience the scanner loses track quiet easily. I then decided I would try multiple scans with low points clouds size and merge them together using alignment tools. Now I am finding it quite difficult to accurately align and clean the faces.

I keep going back between: Rev Studio, MeshLab and Rhino. it’s not super simply and was wondering if there are any tips.

What would someone suggest in this case.

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My experience is that I could not scan a body by hand.

With the camera on a tri-pod and the person on a turntable, it works much better.

For me what worked the best was with the scanner aimed down at 35 degrees scan the top of the head.

Then with scanner level, finish the scan. (I call this “Put a lid on it”) Once the scanner has the top of the head scanned in, it maintains track of the face very well.

You may need to cover windows, if you have a lot of sunlight.


Here is a tutorial video for Revo Studio. Maybe it can help.

Fast forward to 05:20 to the alignment section.

Or you can send both the meshed point clouds and the separate point clouds to I can ask my colleague to help edit them.

if you objects moved while scanning , you can’t align them back , I would not do that with a human scans , you need to scan them all at once , no partial scans …
as @Miamijerry suggested that would be the way to go … use turntable for easy scan

when you align any models , you need to cut off the parts and only align the parts that are missed , not overlapping too much , just the edges of the 2 scans .

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