A new MIRACO's system update is now available for download

To update, connect MIRACO to Wi-Fi, go to Settings, and the Software Update option will have a red dot notification next to it. Tap on it to download the update, and then wait for the installation process to complete.

App Version: V1.0.1.153
System Version: v2.3.129

Update Notes:

  1. Optimizes the user experience and fixes some bugs.
  2. Optimizes the performance of Single-shot mode.
  3. Speeds up raw data’s loading time.
  4. Improves the instructions and fixes some transfer problems in USB mode.
  5. Fixes an issue preventing the quick menu from being pulled down from the top.
  6. Fixes some issues causing crashes during operation.
  7. Changes some interfaces and icons.
  8. Updates the User Agreement, Privacy Policy, and Quick Start Guide.
  9. Fixes the Wi-Fi not automatically connecting to available networks.
  10. Optimizes the Control Center’s logic.
  11. MIRACO’s shutter can now be triggered in PC mode (UVC).
  12. Optimizes the Fill Lights’ operation.
  13. The maximum Wi-Fi password length is now 63 characters.
  14. Fixes an issue preventing all the cameras from streaming in PC mode on some macOS devices.

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Possible bug.

When selecting shutdown from the timer and then shutdown the screen flips orientation.

Doesn’t install.
Flips the screen upside down.
Says it’s loading for a couple of minutes and then just goes back to the menu - still upside down.
After reboot the screen is normal but no new firmware :confused:

Are you sure you have no shut down timer set up ?

The update files are huge it take little time to download and install .

I updated 2 of them without any issues .

After restart ? I just tried it but the screen was as usual in original position .

If you experience flipped screen just open it and close , not need to restart again .

Yeah, tried it 5 times already.
The screen never shuts down so it doesn’t go to sleep.
Downloading - seems to download everything
Screen flip
Loading (spinning icon for about 4 minutes)
Back to Menu - screen still upside down.
After reboot the screen is fine but the software versions are still the same.

Basically exactly the same behavior people in the FB group are reporting.
Some of them had success after n-th approach so I keep trying :confused:

Not everyone have that issue . So there should be a pattern why only some of them .

I guess have to wait for the office to get open to get any idea what is going on on some of the devices .
Hard to tell if you can’t replicate this error .

Hope there is a way to upgrade in PC mode - maybe they can verify then where the Wifi method fails.

I had it in Near mode.
I switched it to Far and then the update completed.
It didn’t even flip the screen during the update.
Maybe it’s a coincidence, maybe a clue :wink:

My MIRACO was in Far mode while updating , but I don’t see connection here to be honest .

There should be update available in PC mode as well via USB … usually it prompts to update as well once you connect Miraco to PC

Maybe good idea to test the Far mode update style out on FB group .

Hi @Vassago

May I ask if you have finally solved this screen flipping problem yet?

I fed this issue back to our R&D team, but they are not able to reproduce this issue at the moment.

Can you describe in detail the steps you took before the screen flipped?

Thank you in advance.

Hi Jane , I could not replicate it either, maybe some glitch .

Hello @Vassago @kaczorefx ,

We have confirmed that the screen rotation is a known bug and will be fixed in a future update.

When the user shuts down the device while in a flipped screen orientation (scanning interface with the screen flipped up in a vertical position) and then powers it on again, the screen is in the normal closed state. At this point, the program interface initializes based on the closed orientation, while the native system orientation is reversed.

① The user can return to the scanning interface and flip the screen up (which will trigger automatic rotation) and then flip it back down (which will trigger automatic rotation again). This will correct the inconsistent state.

② Alternatively, the user can tap the flip screen button in the top drop-down menu to rotate it to the appropriate orientation. This will also correct the inconsistent state.

When encountering the screen flipping problem is, you guys can try these two solutions first.

Thanks for the report, we will fix it.

Hi Catharina,

The testing team has reproduced and confirmed that this is a bug, and they will aim to fix it in the next update.

Thanks for your help! :heart:

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Mine did the same, but when downloading for the second time it worked

The screen was down, went into settings, shutdown timer but then didn’t change the timer and just clicked shutdown - screen flipped.

Clicking on auto rotation fixed it, and everything else worked perfectly.

Must just be an undefined state somewhere

FYI. After the firmware update the screen still shows v1.0.1.153. However, various changes show that the update has been applied.

Steve v1.0.1.153 it is the latest version , the version before update was V1.0.1.129

App version and System version are 2 different things .

Latest are :
App Version: V1.0.1.153
System Version: v2.3.129