A Letter To All Revopoint Users

Dear users,

We hope you are doing well. Recently, we have received a ton of feedback and suggestions for our software. So we would like to let you know that we’ve been listening! So, we want to share some of the improvements that are coming soon and our plans for future updates.

1. Software Update (Dual-axis Turntable)

The latest versions of Revo Scan for macOS and Windows are listed below:


Revo_Scan_for_Windows V4.1.0.20220909c


  • Compatible with the Dual-axis Turntable.

  • Fixed firmware updates getting stuck at 20%.

  • Optimized the texture algorithm, parameters, point cloud fusing, and meshing.

2. Manual Control of Dual-axis Turntable

It was suggested by some users to allow manual control of the Dual-axis Turntable in Revo Scan. So, we’re adding this feature to the next version of Revo Scan, which should be released in October.

We have designed a new UI for this feature, as shown below. However, we’re still very open to feedback on this, so please take a look and let us know your thoughts.

3. Android and iOS Revo Scan Update

We have also updated Revo Scan for Android and iOS, which has optimized its texture algorithm, parameters, point cloud fusing, and meshing.

We’re working on a solution to control the Dual-axis Turntable via an App, which will be ready soon.

4. Q4 Plan for Revo Software

We’re planning a significant update to our software in Q4, with particular attention paid to our scanning algorithms.

And if you have any good ideas or features you would like us to add or bugs to report, please don’t hesitate to share them with us by posting them on our official forum or emailing forum@revopoint3d.com

If you have any scanning questions about Revopoint 3D scanners, please feel free to contact us by sending an email to customer@revopoint3d.com or DM our Facebook page.

Revopoint Team


I haven’t seen many companies like yours that work hard on improving their products, both hardware- and softwarewise.
THX and keep up the great work! :clap:


Revopoint is awesome, thank u very much!


Hi Ivan,
Thank you so much! We are delighted to have you here. We will keep up doing better.


Hi SphaeroX,
Thanks for the support! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Sounds great but please don’t forget about us first generation users of the original POP!! Just don’t have the funds to keep buying new ones right now. Having fun and it is great to see you constantly making things better!!!


Hi @KnightRid
As we are upgrading the software, it will also be better to use POP. Thanks!

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Thanks for the update.
Would it be possible to add some of the features from Revostudio in to Revoscan? For example, it would be great if we could lasso garbage data and delete it from the scan before scanning a different view of the same object.


Also Feedback for Revostudio: an deselect option whould bei nice

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I will forward your suggestion to our R&D team. Thanks!

I will forward your suggestion to our R&D team. Thanks!

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@rilot: I second this suggestion—this would greatly streamline workflow, turning a major problem into a trivial annoyance. Good thinking.

How do I get by the STUPID popup that is trying to force me into some feedback program? I just want to download my update. This is REALLY REALLY ANNOYING…

Just close it. X in top right corner.

There is already new version for Windows

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